Update 24/08/2021

Here he goes again!!
first show in Belgium after a year and a half  
Our boy obtained in Antwerp 1 Exc CAC CACIB BM BOB RBIG!!!
With this result he became Belgiun champion !!!

Update 20/08/2021

We have a new champion!! 

Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend became German Champion and 

 German Chub Champion (DWZRV)

Update 13/11/2020

New picture of Chyerdak Pixie Bell (Julie)

Update 01/10/2020

We have a new Lux. veteran champion !!

Updat 26/04/2020

We are taking a long break because of covis-19 
 and the expanding of our family :-) 



Update 16/02/202

A nice long weekend in Denmark
with a 
beautiful result and a new champion title for our boy
Int. MCH. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend
1 Excellent CK 1.BHK CERT CACIB BIR (New DK Champion)

Update 28/12/2019

Nice end of the show season 2019
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir won  VetBOB
Vet Christmas Winner 2019 at
The Christmas Winner Show!!


Update 02/12/2019

Int MCh Chyerdak Kashmir won 1 EXC BM BOS & Best Veteran 
at Eurodogshow 2019 in Kortrijk under borzoi expert Mrs Ostrovskaya
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend won 2 EXC

Update 21/10/2019

We spent our holiday this time in Spain with a visit to Gibraltar, 
where our dogs participated in the annual international dog show.
They achieved great results and we were able to continue our holiday with two new champions!!
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend 2 x GCAC 2 x RCACIB New Gibraltar Champion!!!
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 2 x GCAC 2 CACIB 2 x Crufts qualification and BIG!!!!
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Pandora's Box 2 x RCAC 2 x RCACIB!!!

Update 20/10/2019

We participated in the Sighthoundshow at Pompadour (FR)
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend got a 2 Exc in champion class.
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir in veteranclass got 1 Exc Best Veteran and 2-BIS veteran!!!!

Update 26/08/2019

A very nice and successful weekend for our boy
Int. Mch.Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (aka Gimli)
At the 2 day's international dog show in Rotterdam,
our Boy recived 2 times 1 Exc CAC CACIB BOB and was selected on Sunday in the group with the last 6!!!
A big thank you to the judges Mr. Carsten Birk and Mrs. Diane Degryze!!!

Update 17/07/2019

Show weekend in Nürnberg Germany
Great results for our two boys!!!
Day 1: 
Int. MCh.Chyerdak Kashmir wins 1 EXC VDH BM BOB!!!
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend : 2 EXC RVDH RCAC
Thanks to the judge Mrs Doris Getzinger

Day 2:
Int. MCh.Chyerdak Kashmir wins 1 EXC VDH CACIB BOB Alpensieger 2019
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend : 2 EXC RVDH RCAC
Thanks to the judge Mrs Rita Kadike Skadina !!

Update 17/07/2019

Int. Dogshow Echt (NL)

Int. Mch. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend wins


Update 28/05/2019

Terug thuis van onze vakantie in Bosnië en Herzegovina en Hongarije. 
We hebben daar aan enkele shows deelgenomen en de resultaten zijn geweldig, helemaal niet verwacht om zo veel te winnen!!!
We zijn naar huis gekomen met 5 nieuwe titels, waarvan 3 Bosnië en Herzegovina kampioenen
1 Hongaars kampioen en 1 Internationaal kampioen!!!!
BIS voor Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir!!!!!!!

Update 11/05/2019

Today at the Int. dogshow Luxembourg
 boy can call himself "International Champion"
Int. Ch. Chyerdak Perfect Bofriend

Update 05/03/2019

The 2019 showing season started off with a blast for Ch Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend !!! 
During the double show weekend in Groningen (NL) our Gimli flew through the ring to win BEST OF BREED on both days
He adds 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, Benelux Winner NL 2019 to his "palmares", finished his Dutch Championship title AND got
a Crufts qualification 2020.

Update 04/02/2019

Today we received a new photo of Chyerdak Kasanova. 
We did not hear from him for a long time, really happy now.
Thank you Marguerite Versteeg for the beautiful pictures!!!!

We had a awesome day at the Int. dogshow Mouscron (B).
We only had Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir with us this time and he performed great. 
He showed his beautiful movement by floating through the ring.
He made us very proud again our self-bred boy <3 <3 <3
His results: 1 Exc. CAC-CACIB BOB 2-BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much to the sighthound specialist
Mr. Bart Scherens for these beautiful results.

Update 23/12/2018

Venray (NL) CACIB Christmas show 
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (Gimli)
Championclass (3): 1 Exc RCAC (CAC) CACIB
Judge:Hetty van der Lee-Grevelt (NL)
Now picture this time

Update 16/12/2018

We recieved a new picture from Chyerdak Pixie Bell (Julie)
at the age of 26 months (out of coat)
Thank you 
Natascha !!!

Update 15/12/2018

last weekend we wend to the Brussels dogshow
CH. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend was enterd for the first time in Champion class.
He did very well and won Best of Breed and the titel "Belgian Winner 2018"
In the honor ring he was selected with the 6 best sighthounds!!

Update 21/11/2018

Time for an update
On 28/10/2018
Ch. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend got a bigg birthday present at the Danube Cacib Bratislava. 
He recived 1 exc CAC CACIB BM BOB and Crufts Qalification 2019 !!!

Update 03/09/2018

What a weekend in Bremen!! 
Ch Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (aka Gimli) was Best Male on both days with 
BOB on Sunday Special thanks to Mr Jipping (NL) and Mrs Urek (SLO) for 
appreciating our boy !!

Update 23/07/2018

Double IDS Liege (B) is over, we have achieved very nice results.
Results 1e day Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir Champion Class 1 Exc CAC CACIB BM BOB Golden Winner 2018!!
Results 2nd day Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir Champion Class 1 Exc CAC CACIB BM BOB Golden Winner 2018!!
And our youngest CH. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend also did very well, intermediate class 2 Exc

Update 17/06/2018

Despite the heat outside and in the hall, our boy's has performed very well at IDS Erfurt (D)
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (Gimli) received a beautiful judge report.
He won the intermediate class and recived 1 Exc VDH (CAC)
His uncle Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir (champion class) got more as we expected, he won 1 Exc VDH BOB
In the ring of honor it even got better....he performed so well and recived BIG !!
Thanks to the respected and very friendly judge who does his job with pleasure Mr. Gunther Ehrenreich (A)

Update 16/05/2018

While our daughter is judging the barois in Germany,
we start our yearly holiday to Croatia and Montenegro in combination with a few dogshows.

The results are better than we expected!! 
Everything together we won 11 CAC's, 6 CACIB's, 2 RCACIB's, 
4 Champion titels and 2 Crufts Qualifications!!

Update 24/04/2018

Results from Brabo IDS Antwerp (B)
BJCH. NLJCH. Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend 1 Exc Junior BOS
INT. MCH. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc CAC CACIB BOS Brabo winner!!
Thanks to the judge Mr.G. Tesics (H)

Update 05/04/2018

Last weekend at the IDS Goes (NL) BJCH NLJCH Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (Gimli)
obtained 1 Exc  JBOS with this result he fulfilled the conditions to become 
Dutch youth champion.
His sister Chyerdak Pandor's Box (Doortje) participated the next day, 
she behaved very nicely in the ring and becam 1 Exc!
Thanks to the judges: Mrs. R. Tromp-Pruijn (NL) and Mr. R. Tolson (Ier)

Update 14/03/2018

At the IDS Groningen BJCH Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend
got a very nice result winning
1 Exc CAC Best Male JBOB and BOS !!

Update 26/01/2018

We received some nice pictures from Brussels dogshow
A Bigg thank you to the judges  
who made this possible!!
And thanks to Karl Donvil for the pictures!
Reserve Best In Show!!!


Update 18/12/2017

Our boy Kashmir had a great show year and ended 2017 with honours!!
In total he participated in 23 shows, winning 15 BOB's
4 X BOS, 5 X BIG, 3 x RBIS and 1 BIS!!
I think this is quite an achievement for a Borzoi for 1 show-year
A BIG thank you to all the judges who appreciate his qualities.
We hope to see you all again in 2018!!

Update 14/12/2017

With a lot of pain in our hearts we have to say goodbye to our little Globetrotter "Floortje"
She was born on 23/06/2001 and has left uw on 13/12/2017

Some very nice results from our dogs in Leuven (B) and Amsterdam (NL)
Leuven: Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BM BOS
Amsterdam Holland Cup: 
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BM BOB
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (Gimli) 2exc  junior classe

Update 19/10/2017

Some nice results from our dogs in recent weeks :-)
Maastricht (NL)
Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend (Gimli) 1 exc JCAC
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BM BOB
Charleroi (B)
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BM BOB 2-BIG!!
Dortmund (D)
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc VDH RCACIB

Update 29/09/2017

At the annual Belgium Barzoi club show on 24/09/2017, 
Kashmir received a nice result 1 Exc CAC and a beautiful report by the judge Mrs.Astrid Wolf (D)
Thank you very much for the excelent organization, well done!!!

Update 12/09/2017

What a wonderful day for our Boys at IDS Ciney (B)
He did it again !!  Our boys made us very proud :-)
BIS BISS MBIG Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir Goes all the way.
Winning 1 Exc CAC CACIB Best Male BOB  BIG and 5-BIS!!!
Our youngest boy Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend(Gimli)  In Juniorclass he gained 1 Exc JCAC JBOB <3
All of this we got thanks to the Breed and Group judge Mr. Johan Wulteputte !!!
BIS judge Mrs. L. Stojkovic (MK) 

Update 22/08/2017

Back home from a great showday at CACIB Innsbruck (A).
BIS BISS Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir Goes all the way again
Winning 1 Exc CACa CACIB Best Male BOB and in the mainring RBIG !!!
On top of that Kashmir finished all the conditions for his Austrian Champion title with 4 shows in a row...
A bigg thank You to the judges for appreciating his qualities!!

Update 07/08/2017

And another successful showweekend of Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir at Bremen 05/08/2017
Kashmir wins on Saterday 1 EXC VDH CACIB BM BOS
On Sunday he did even better, winning 1 exc VDH BM BOB BIG and.....Reserve Best In Show !!!
From an entrance of 2197 dogs !!!

Big thanks to the judges for appreciating our boy 
Breed judge: Mrs. Ludmila Fintorova (SK)
Group judge: Mr. Guido Schäfer (DE) and BIS judge: Mr. Jochen Eberhardt


Update 30/07/2017

Results from Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 Exc VDH Best male and BOS !!
At the sighthoundshow in Hochdahl, Nordrhein-Westfalen (D) 29/07/2017
With an entry of 23 borzois judge: Mrs. Tatjana Urek

Update 26/07/2017

Result from CACIB Dunkerque / Nort Sea Dogshow 16/07/2017 
Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir
1 EXC CACS CACIB BM BOS Crufts Qualification 2018 !!

Update 03/07/2017

We participated in the double CAC show in Darmstadt (D), 
First show starts at 16:00 in the afternoon, Second show was a 
"Landes-Sieger Hessen Thüringen" title show, she Started at 22:00 in the evening.
Results from Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir
1 Exc. VDH Best Male BOB
1 Exc VDH Best Male BOB "Landes-Sieger Hessen Thüringen"

Update 25/06/2017

Congratulations Bunny (Chyerdak Playboy Bunny) winning Best puppy at the 

 Int. Dogshow Genk (B) on 24/06/2017!!
(Forget the camera, no picture of her sorry)

Update 12/06/2017

Congratulations Nathalie Van der Borght & family with your beautiful result at CAC Lommel (B)
Chyerdak Playboy Bunny was Best Puppy !!

Update 25/05/2017

Congratulations Nathalie Van der Borght & family with your beautiful result today! 
Chyerdak Playboy Bunny was Best Puppy at the Dutch Borzoi Clubshow at her first show!
Thanks to the judge Ms. Patty Widick Neale (USA)

Update 04/05/2017

We had a very nice time in Croatia, With great company and also great results
Our big future at Chyerdak, 1e time in puppyclass Chyerdak Perfect Boyfriend, became Best puppy 3 day's in a row, on the 2e day
3-best puppy in show !!

The big winner was our beautiful boy BISS MBIS Int. MCH. Chyerdak Kashmir
He won on the first showday: 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BOB RBIG and became new Croation Grand Champion!!
2e showday: 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BOB BIG and RBIS !!!!!!
3e showday: 1 Exc CAC-CACIB BOB RBIG!!
Thanks to all the judges, Who really liked our two boys

Update 11/04/2017

Great results from a very nice dogshow at Salzburg (Austria)

Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir 1 exc. CAC-CACIB BOB, BIG, Best in show 1 place Salzburg 08/04/2017

Breed judge: Mr. Günther Ehrenreich (A) 

Group judge: Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (A) 

 Tagesbester BIS judge: Laurent Pichard (CH)

Update 13/03/2017

We recieved new pictures from Boris and Julie <3 
Chyerdak Papa Bear (Boris)

Chyerdak Pixie Belle (Julie)

Update 01/03/2017

Chyerdak Pixie Bell (Julie)

We wish her a beautiful and happy life with her new owners !!


Update  09/01/2017

Great start of the year for Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir

At the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS night Belgium!!

Under 3 well known judges, Mr. Luis Pinto Texeira (Portugal), Mr. Miodrag Vreteničić (Montenegro) 

and Mr. Aleksoski Mile (Macedonia) with a very nice score of 289/300 points

With an entry of 40 Champions, who received a qualification to participate in this competition.

Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kashmir ended as Runner-Up !!!

Onze P-litter geboren op 28/10/2016

Parents: Int. Mch. Velikij Pravda & Int. Mch. Chyerdak Kamaera

Both parents are free from DM result: N/N. 
The dog is homozygous normal concerning the intact SOD1-gene.
The dog does not carry the mutation in SOD1 that is suggested to be a major risk factor for the development of Degenerative Myelopathy.

The dog can pass only the normal gene on to all its offspring.