Int MCh Chyerdak Kamaera

Int MCh Chyerdak Kamaera (mother of our P-B litter)

DM result: N/N. The dog is homozygous normal concerning the intact SOD1-gene.
The dog does not carry the mutation in SOD1 that is suggested to be a major risk factor for the development of Degenerative Myelopathy.
The dog can pass only the normal gene on to all its offspring.

Mother of are P.B. Litter


  • Int.Champion
  • Champion of Estland
  • Champion of Finland
  • Champion of Belgium
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Champion of the Nederlands
  • Champion of Luxembourg
  • Champion of Croatië
  • Champion of Sweden
  • Champion of San Marino
  • German VDH Champion
  • Balkan Champion
  • Mediterranean Champion
  • Champion of Macedonia
  • Champion of Moldova
  • Champion of Azerbaijan
  • Champion of Montenegro
  • Grand Champion of Montenegro
  • Belgian Juniorchampion 2013
  • Dutch Juniorchampion 2013
  • Ambiorix Junior Winner 2013
  • Nordic Junior Winner 2012
  • German VDH Juniorchampion 2012
  • German DWZRV Juniorchampion 2012
  • Luxembourg Juniorchampion 2012